Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Opiate for the Masses

I just LOVE the theme of Sophia's book:  "Opiate for the Masses."  So, call it inspired, but I've already finished my spread in her book!  I originally wanted to do a spread on Reality TV but Su beat me to it!  So my next idea was to pay tribute to those mind-numbing video games.  Seems everywhere I look, people are playing games on their phones.  Remember Angry Birds?  I have to admit, I am a fan of Candy Crush Saga (though I have been stuck on level 70 forEVER!)  According to my hairdresser, the latest craze is a game called Tsum Tsum.  But it was Bejeweled that first got me addicted to this past time and that is where the inspiration for my pages in Sophia's book came from!

I used highlighters to create the colorburst background.  I gathered up a handful of  acrylic "jewels" and started gluing them onto the page.  The title page is also "bejeweled" and further embellished with glitter glue.  Voila!  An homage to one of America's favorite past times, video games! 

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  1. Great themes do inspire great ideas. You have nailed the game rigght on the head with those darling jewels. Do you have a massive stash of supplies or do you buy them as you need them?