Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's About Time

I had the inspiration for Lorraine's "It's About Time" book long before I got the book in my hands.  Spencer Day sings this song (I think it's titled "Till You Come to Me") on his Vagabond CD.  There is a line that says" "and the clock says that I'm half past losing my mind."  I love this visual.

How perfect that I found an image of a person holding their head in their hands in frustration but the head is missing.  All you see are the hands cupped about where the head should be.  I then found a beautiful image of the insides of a Mont Blanc watch in a catalog.  I substituted this image for the person's head.

Now to add some drama to my spread, I created a pop-up.  This is a V-fold pop-up technique that I learned from my friend Pam in a workshop she did a few years back.  I like how this pop-up mechanism doesn't flap up and out when you open the book.  The movement of this pop-up is subtle and vertical.  It may be hard to see this in these pictures.

The other thing I like about this V-fold pop-up mechanism is that you can add a background to compliment the moving part.  In this case, I used an enlarged picture of a watch face (in keeping with Lorraine's theme).  I added more height by building up the back layer above the top border of the book.  And, since I still hate my handwriting, I used little self-adhesive letters to spell out the line from the song.  I think it turned out really cool!  

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  1. This is an amazing visual! I agree I don't think you could have gotten the impact that you did without the V- fold pop-up!