Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mike's "Point" book

I am the second to the last person to work in Mike's book for our current RR. It began with "Follow the Leader" and quickly evolved to a book about "points" ("get to the point," what's the point?" "point made," etc.) It took some time for me to figure out what I was going to do but eventually chose to go with "destination point" as we were coming to the end of the RR.

For this spread, I decided to iris fold in the shape of a large oval (to fill the page) and chose this colorful "old world map" tissue paper to create the spread on the right side. To fill the aperture in the center, I found the word "point" on one of the unused pages and used it. Mike had thinned out the pages of his book ahead of time leaving a few 1/2" wide strips of paper from the pages that used to be there in the center of my spread. I had almost forgotten about this old map I had picked up from a library book sale years ago. (See middle photo). It was mounted on linen and fit the dimensions, color and theme of Mike's book just perfectly to be incorporated to my spread. Fortunately, the map was double layered allowing me to separate the layers on the left edge and use double-sided tape to mount the map onto the 1/2" wide strips in the midde creating a new page with the map itself. Does that make sense?

I still have to add a few finishing touches before I turn the book in on Saturday, but this gives you a good idea of what my spread will look like.


  1. That is an amazing spread, Lorena. That lens is incredible. Stunning work. I'd love to know how to do that. Happy Mike!

  2. hi lorena - mike is gonna love it! your blog is terrific, i love those cute magnets and the art dolls, too. cool wallpaper as background.

  3. What an awesome page Lorena! Mike is going to be thrilled. I love maps and you made your "point" perfectly, LOL.

  4. really beautiful, love your destination point concept.