Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Red Queen

Just finished my spread in the first book of this new AB RR. Kathy's book was entitled "Alice's Adventures Underground." Lucky for me, I was the first one to work in Kathy's book, so I had my choice of what to do. The characters from "Alice in Wonderland" are so colorful! I absolutely had to do a pop-up of the Red Queen.

Kathy had already prepared her book by painting backgrounds on some of the pages. I chose the red background for my Red Queen spread. The background pretty much set the tone and feel for my spread. All it needed was the Red Queen pop-up. I did a simple tab pop-up, added a few pop-up hearts and a mini queen of hearts playing card. The spread would not have been complete with her famous line, "Off with her head!"


  1. I love your Red Queen. I am making an Alice book right now. I bought a copy of the real book and I'm reading it aloud to my husband--well, he pretends to listen--anyway, I have just finished the tea party. I'm including lots of stuff from the book that wasn't in the movie. When I get it all finished, I'll make a little slide show on my blog!

  2. Woo hoo, love your blog! Your Red Queen is so Queen Elizabeth with the haughty high forehead; why do I so want to tap into my inner Red Queen?