Friday, April 2, 2010

A Study in Black & White

I recently joined an on-line AB RR. Since my book will be logging some miles (Washington State, Wisconsin, Alabama, Oklahoma and back to Hawaii), I didn't want it to be too big or too heavy to mail. The book I chose is called "Black Notice". It's about 5 x 8 and since there are only 5 artists in this group, I thinned out the pages so it's only about 1/3 its original thickness.

For my theme, I wanted to challenge each of the artists to create a spread in black and white (shades of gray and silver are also acceptable). On the inside front cover, I explain the theme of my book and I have a sign-in sheet created with a silver mesh screen and some chipboard tags.

I decided to use string art in my spread because I had recently completed my spread in Fran's book (see my blog entry entitled "The Time Traveler's Wife") and wanted to do it in my book too! It's a simpler version because my book was a bit smaller, but I still like the way it came out.


  1. Well i can see myself using string art along the way. You have to really believe that copying is the sincerest form of flattery. Now I have my morning fix it is off to bead! Thanks

  2. This looks like a fabulous book! Love the string art again and the wire mesh sign in.