Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Tag Book for a Special Friend

My Altered Ladies Group took on a very special project this last month.  We collaborated to make a tag book for one member of our group who is battling some health problems right now.  Everyone created a tag especially for her.  I created the two that are pictured here. 

Then, out of a handful of envelopes, I created a "book" of pockets to hold the tags.  The envelopes are business sized, folded in half.  I decorated the envelopes with a napkin transfer technique.  I used a variety of different floral napkins that gave the book a very feminine and romantic feel.  

I asked Hope if she would create covers for the two envelope books.  Her choice of floral papers and loving attention to details (book hinges, book corners, shaker front) complemented the pockets and tags perfectly! (bottom photo)

When I presented this very special gift to our dear friend, she was so touched!  She loved all of the pretty pages and couldn't wait to open them, touch them and inspect each page and every tag more closely.  She swooned over the colors, the floral patterns and most of all the sentiments that everyone sent her.

Thank you, Altered Ladies, for creating this treasure and for bringing much needed joy and delight! 

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