Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No Tape, No Glue Chunkies

I recently showed the Altered Ladies how to make a chevron cut bookmark.  I learned this design years ago and I still marvel at the beautiful effect such simple cuts can create.  If you use two-sided papers, the final design comes as a surprise because it's always difficult to picture how the design will look once you fold the cuts into diamonds (chevrons).   

For these pages, I took a few of my Bulgari jewelry catalogs.  The images are gorgeous and the quality and weight of the pages is perfect for these cuts (not too thick and not too thin).  Although there were many beautiful color photos in the catalog, I liked the look of the black and white photos best.

You can see how I cut three rows of diamonds to create my pages.  Since the challenge this month was "no tape, no glue," I used blingy brads to tack down the tips of the diamonds.  I just love how these chunkies pages turned out.


  1. Wish I could see them better they lookso interesting. My oh my, you have been busy making ans posting

  2. Darn. Now I wish I hadn't sat out this round, lol. This looks so cool. I want to know how you did it :-)