Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Magazine A-Go-Go Chunkies!

So for this month's chunky page swap, I challenged the players to create all 10 of their pages from a single magazine issue.  I was pleasantly surprised at how colorful, how imaginative and very different everyone's pages turned out!  

I created my pages by using several different sized square punches.  I was drawn to patterns, shapes and colors as I punched away.  Once I had a multitude of squares, I loosely grouped them into themes.  Usually, it was a color that unified the different squares.  Sometimes, it was a common subject.  As I assembled the layout of my pages, I also found myself creating pages especially for each of the players in this round.  

I played around with different layouts and liked the three-dimensional quality created with the use of foam mounts.  I also liked playing with the negative spaces.  This turned out to be one of my favorite chunky rounds!

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