Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Three-Color Palette Chunky Challenge

So I decided to challenge our Chunky Players this round.  You know how we all seem to gravitate to our same favorite colors?  Well, to take everyone a bit outside of their color comfort zones, I asked each player to give me three numbers between 1 and 50.  I then matched each player's numbers against a master color list and gave them the three colors to work with.  Some combinations were complimentary.  Others, not so.  Therein lies the challenge!

As the pages started to roll in, I was amazed at how creative everyone was with this challenge.  They gladly trusted me to take them out of their comfort zone and the result was quite wonderful!  

The colors I chose were tangerine, prussian blue and silver.  I had recently taken an altered book technique workshop where I finally learned how to create a tunnel book.  I employed the tunnel technique to created my chunky pages this month.  It was a bit labor-intensive, but I had help from my Altered Ladies friend, Pat, who eagerly volunteered to die-cut my birds and branches so she could practice using the Big Shot!  I think she had so much fun, she will be buying a Big Shot of her own very soon!  I prepared all parts of my chunky pages and assembled them on my recent flight to San Francisco.  I love passing the time on an airplane doing art projects!  By the time we touched down, my pages were pretty much finished!

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  1. I love how the illustration is partially on the back page and partially on the front page. You have given me a wonderful idea to try. Thank you!